Solid wood

Indigenous solid wood

Wood is precious, regenerative and unique, ecologically beneficial and versatile. Each shipment we receive is a unique one with its individual wood characteristics and countless possible uses.

In our carpenter's workshop, wheelwright's workshop and model making workshop we deeply care for the sustainability aspect of our raw materials. This is the reason we only use indigenous wood. We will gladly provide you with information related to origin and processing of this exciting and trending raw material and advise you on all questions related to the wood we use. Its character and design can range from high-quality and noble to plain and practical, but it will always be one thing: emotional.

If you prefer an oiled or a lacquered finish is a very personal decision.  This short overview  on characteristics, care and repair options will support you making an informed choice. 


Oiled surfaces

Oiled surfaces are treated with a natural special oil that envigors the particular beauty of the wood and provides a surface that is open pore and silk smooth.

Our oils are, of course, purely biological. As this oils penetrate the wood and protect it from the inside the surface begins to feel smooth and natural.

For cleaning purposes you only use lukewarm water.

Depending on the level of strain it endures the wood surface has to be oiled from time to time. You may mend light scratches, bruises or stains by yourself.


Lacquered surfaces

Lacquered surfaces are treated with a special varnish that creates a partially closed pore surface. You may choose the gloss level most appealing to you. Every varnish we use provides UV protection. This significantly reduces changes to the wood from direct exposure to sunlight and provides a noticeable smooth surface. A short curing time ensures a pleasant indoor climate in your living space. You may use warm water and a detergent for cleaning. Repair work must be done by a specialized company.

Let nature into your home.
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