Welcome at DIE DREI – carpenter's workshop, wheelwright's workshop and model making


Theo Malchus, Andreas Hückmann, Dirk Olivier work together as a well coordinated team united by their common love for the material wood

One expert in carpentry, one expert in wheelwrighting and one expert in model making. We have bundled our power to craft exclusive solid wood works for you. A Love for detailed workmanship, an environmental self-concept and an adherence to sustainability are the basis of our business philosophy.

In this we are a role model for our apprentices. Their repeated top notch scores in journeyman's examinations reassure us to continue on our path.

It doesn't matter if interior accessory, furniture or historico-cultural object: Experience the specialty of a unique workpiece from our wood manufacture.

Carpenter's workshop

From solid wood to finished work piece

our carpenter's workshop


> view into our carpenter's workshop


Our carpenter's workshops clients

Autovision GmbH

Buchhandlung Graff GmbH


NORD LB Hannover


Volkswagen AG 


Wheelwright's workshop

Restoration of vintage cars. Replica and new construction

our wheelwright's workshop


> view into pur wheelwright's workshop


Our wheelwright's workshop clients

Audi AG


Hoffman Trandsporte GmbH

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
Salzgitter und München


Model building

Construction of design studies for presentations and project completion
our model making


> view into the model making


Our clients for model building

Alstrom LHB GmbH 

Deutsche Messe AG

DLR Deutsches Zentrum
für Luft- und Raumfahrt

Our Team

Three men. Three characters.
Carpenter, technician, team player.


> get to know DIE DREI




What is the important thing regarding your furniture?

To find the fitting furniture, that accompanies you a long time, is no spontaneous decision und needs time and planning. It should be regardless of its uniqueness an aesthetical fit into your flat and be sustainable.

For our exclusive furniture made of solid wood we take the time and build a unicum for you.

That process begins at the chosing of the material. We only use ingenious wood, that is traditionally air-dried. Although this process takes more time, it is environmentally friendly and guarantees quality.

Inspire yourself to a new furniture with these freshly arrived oak and ash tree trunks. 


From the tree to a cupboard

The processing of exclusive wood to timeless, individual furniture is for us from DIE DREI always a special treat.

We build an office cabinet for a client, made of air-dried oak. We showed our special craftsmanship with the classical wood connections: Made by hand with swallowtail-corner connections and a firm department bottom with cut through notches.

This cabinet fits into every room, no matter if it's professional or private with its painted MDF-doors.

If you need the certain something in your romms, you can contact us anytime. Start planning your new favorite furniture with our experienced master carpenters.